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FMC – Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

In accordance with the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022, please submit disputes, mitigation, waiver and/or refund requests via email to corresponding email address noted below.  All dispute, mitigation, and waiver requests must be received within thirty (30) days of the invoice date or the invoice receipt date.  All emails should provide details for the dispute, mitigation, waiver, and/or refund request being submitted along with any supporting documentation. (TIR/EIR, Service Contract, Payment Information, etc….)  A response will be provided within 30days upon receipt of your request. 


Neptune Pacific Direct Line Pte Ltd

                Per Diem/Detention:    Neptune-perdiem@nortonlilly.com


Hede International Shipping Co., Ltd

                Demurrage:                       orca@nortonlilly.com


Ellerman City Liners

                Per Diem/Detention     Ellerman-perdiem@nortonlilly.com

                Demurrage                        orca@nortonlilly.com


Arkas Lines

                Per Diem/Detention      Arkas-perdiem@nortonlilly.com

                Demurrage                        orca@nortonlilly.com