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Container Fee Collection Made Simple

Our cloud platform facilitates track & trace, appointment management and container fee collection for liners, liner agents and terminals.

We See Calmer Seas In Your Future

Orca Payments simplifies and streamlines the process of container fee collection, container tracking, and pickup appointments by leveraging the power of the cloud. In a nutshell, our software facilitates container fee calculation and collection for liners and terminals. Take advantage of tariff management, auto-calculated demurrage fees and both credit card and ACH payment methods.

Container Tracking

Truckers and rail handlers can keep an eye on their containers with our Whiteboard. Track statuses, discharges, holds and more.

Accept Cards

We accept all 4 major card companies - Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover

Accept ACH

In addition to card payments, Orca accepts ACH as well. Save your bank details for later purchases and convenience.


Payment confirmations, receipts, and a full audit log of container events keep all parties accountable.

Streamlined Fee Collection Is Just A Few Clicks Away

Get a 360 view of your container fees. Upload your manifests and configure your tariff structure. Trucking and other end users making payments will simply register with Orca Payments to track and pay fees due for hold releases.

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